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POWER MOVES is your home for energy-saving programs, advice, and cash rebates from your local electric cooperative. Explore this site to learn more about all the ways you can save. You can also schedule a free home energy assessment by contacting your Energy Advisor today.

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Our Free Home Assessment Can Help You Save

If you were losing money out of a hole in your pocket, you’d patch it up pretty fast. But because of energy inefficiencies, many of our members are losing more...

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Matt Strahl, Energy Advisor at NineStar Connect

Meet a real-life Energy Advisor: Matt Strahl can discuss energy used by your computer – and even build you one!

Before becoming the Energy Advisor at NineStar Connect, Matt Strahl worked in information technology. He also is a technology enthusiast, and can even repair and install computer systems! He enjoys...

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T.J. Garner, Energy Advisor for Fulton County REMC

Meet a real-life Energy Advisor: T.J. Garner’s habits help Fulton County REMC members

T.J. Garner worked in a school when he noticed the job ad for Energy Advisor at Fulton County REMC. He had routinely always tried to conserve electricity – a habit...

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