Guaranteeing rebates for greater profits

Thomas Moore says that since he started taking advantage of POWER MOVES rebates for his customers, his business, Premium Mechanical, has become “the energy audit company.”

“I do a full, walk-through audit at no charge,” he said. “It’s 100% free and no obligation, but my hope is that my rates are reasonable enough and what I do is valuable enough that the customer chooses to work with me.”

What’s different now than it was in the years before Moore started working with POWER MOVES is that customers are more ready to undertake the projects they had thought about doing—or those they learned about through his audit—because they know for a fact there’s cold hard cash at the end of it.

“I’m showing them ways to save energy on their own,” Moore said, “and then I’m guaranteeing their rebates. I offset the rebate from the initial cost of their project so they don’t have to wait, and it takes some of the initial investment off the customer’s shoulders.

“We always, always find ways for them to save.”

Moore first learned about POWER MOVES rebates at an industry seminar, where he talked to NineStar Connect Energy Advisor Darrin Couch about the ins and outs of the program, which was new at the time.

Since guaranteeing rebates, he has missed out on the rebate only once and says that he gets great feedback from customers.

“They’re getting a more efficient facility and almost always seeing that on their bills,” he said. “Of course they’re happy.

“More than half of the jobs we do are for people who had thought about these projects and decide to do it because of the rebate.”

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  • Energy Saving Tip #447

    End water (heating) torture.

    Leaky faucets can draw hot water, which you’re paying to heat. Fix dripping faucets as soon as you can.

  • Energy Saving Tip #295

    Charge, pull, repeat.

    There is no 110% battery power, so save energy by pulling the plug on chargers as soon as your devices hit 100%.

  • Energy Saving Tip #466

    Dive into the laundry deep end.

    When you dry loads back to back, your dryer stays warmer and you save on the energy it otherwise would draw to heat up from room temperature. If you have the time, a clothesline dries without drawing a kilowatt.

  • Energy Saving Tip #134

    A full freezer doesn’t just mean dinner’s at hand.

    The more space in your fridge or freezer, the more air you’re paying to cool. A well-stocked unit holds the cold better than an empty one.

  • Energy Saving Tip #334

    Clean coils mean efficient fridges.

    Do dust bunnies collect behind your refrigerator? Clean those coils to help your fridge function better.

  • Energy Saving Tip #117

    Leaf no savings opportunities behind.

    Planting trees on the side of your home that gets the most sun helps keep your house cool by blocking the hot, hot rays. Just be sure to watch out for power lines!

  • Energy Saving Tip #410

    Institute an open-door policy.

    Keep exterior doors shut, but leaving inside doors open helps air flow more freely and your air conditioner work more efficiently.

  • Energy Saving Tip #405

    Turn back—for savings to come.

    Ceiling fans make your air conditioner’s work easier when they spin counter-clockwise. Make sure yours are moving in the, ahem, right direction before temps go up.

  • Energy Saving Tip #385

    Is your oven lying to you?

    Very few ovens run true to the temperature on the dial. The small cost of an oven thermometer could save you lots of money and energy—and dry pot roasts. 

  • Energy Saving Tip #132

    Where there’s lint, there may be fire.

    A blocked dryer vent is a fire hazard at worst and an energy suck at best. Keep your vent clear to keep your dryer working efficiently.