A closer look at our new delamping measure

New for 2014, our delamping measure enables many more of our members, trade allies, and program partners to take advantage of this energy-saving practice.

Up till now, we used the custom application for a project wherein a member reduced his or her number of working fixtures. We’ve updated our prescriptive applications to include delamping—making these incentives quicker and easier to acquire.

If a member drops from 100 working fixtures to 90, and those 10 out-of-commission fixtures were standard 400-watt metal halide lamps, figure 455 watts per fixture (including ballast). We’re paying $.10 per watt reduced, which for our example works out to a $455 incentive (10 x 455 W x $0.10)—now just rolled in with the rest of the prescriptive application.

Some important notes: Delamping must be permanent—that is, fixtures or connectors to lamps must be permanently removed. If delamping is part of a larger lighting retrofit, the delamping incentive is applied only when a net decrease in lighting level is achieved. In the example above, if 100 metal halide fixtures were replaced with 90 8-lamp T5HO fixtures, no delamping incentive would apply because the overall light level would be the same. (However, the member could receive an incentive for the T5HO fixtures under a different measure: 5-8 Lamp High Bay T5HO or HPT8 Fixture.)

To find out more, contact your local Energy Advisor.