Business New Construction

Built to be energy efficient

There’s something thrilling about starting construction: the sense of possibility, the new opportunities, that certain glow of a worksite at dawn. Can you blame us for wanting to be a part of it? Of course not—and we make working with us worth your while by offering rebates and incentives for energy-efficiency equipment and building design.

In fact, it’s never too early to involve us in your construction project. When you bring us in during the design phase, we can help you achieve the most savings possible, including access to up to $50,000 more in rebates and incentives.

We can also help you renovate or build on to existing buildings, and with our experience we can help you find all kinds of energy savings you might not expect. Our rebate program is flexible, too. It includes custom rebates for even the most unusual projects, so you’re rewarded for your innovation.


This program is for commercial accounts that are building:

  • New construction
  • Adding on to existing facility
  • Change of use or total gut rehab of existing facility

Non-residential members of participating electric cooperatives


  • $25,000 on the Prescriptive Track
  • $50,000 on the Custom Track
  • In some circumstances, we can add the two tracks together for up to $75,000

Talk to us before your plans are on paper. Often, we can help you and your contractors find a better solution at a lower cost and provide more rebate money and better long-term savings.

All rebates in this program are based on local energy codes

  • IN = ASHRAE 90.1-2007
  • IL = 2018 IECC
  • MO = ASHRAE 90.1-2007

Agricultural Building Averages

Average Size: 50,489 ft2
Average Incentives per ft2: $.32

Manufacturing Building Averages

Average Size: 73,305 ft2
Average Incentives per ft2: $.63

Other Building Averages

Average Size: 53,418 ft2
Average Incentives per ft2: $.47

Non-Agriculture Facilities


Lighting rebates are calculated on Lighting Power Density (the total Watts of lighting/square foot of building). Please provide us your COMCheck report.
Interior >= 10% more efficient than code $100/1,000 ft2
Interior >= 20% more efficient than code $200/1,000 ft2
Interior >= 30% more efficient than code $300/1,000 ft2
Interior >= 40% more efficient than code $400/1,000 ft2
Exterior Lighting $35 - $120/fixture


Air Source Heat Pumps $50, $80 or $95/ton
Geothermal Heat Pumps $500, $600, or $750/ton
Air Cooled Unitary Packaged AC and Split Systems $60 or $75/ton
VFDs on HVAC Systems $100/HP (not code required)
Chillers $25 or $40/ton


VFDs on process systems $80/HP
Air Compressors vfd screw $60/HP
Commercial Food Service Equipment Varies

Agriculture Facilities


LED < 15W Energy Star® Screw-in $3.00
LED >= 15W Energy Star® Screw-in $5.00
VFDs on irrigation $40/HP
Please call us to discuss other energy saving items in agriculture facilities.

How do I get started?

To start the rebate process, just complete our PROJECT INFORMATION FORM or if you’d like more information about the Business New Construction Program, please contact us by completing the form below. We’ll work with the information you provide to help you get the most out of our new construction rebate program. Let us help you find savings on the equipment you need anyway. Because when you’re building or renovating, every little bit helps—and in this case, keeps helping while you save on energy!