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Life’s a Little Greener in a Power Moves Home

The Power Moves Home program is changing the way builders and homeowners think about energy efficiency. Homes built to the program’s standards are typically 20 percent more efficient than a traditional home. That means they use less energy, cost less to live in, and are more comfortable all year long. How does the program work? First, we’ll meet with your builder to discuss the program requirements. Next, a Home Energy Rating System® (HERS) rater is assigned to the project to verify these requirements are met before and during construction. Finally, you’ll receive a full energy-efficiency report that includes a HERS rating for your home. All of this is provided for free to homeowners and builders, and, of course, you can be involved every step of the way! Read on to learn more about building a home that costs less to own (and keeps you more comfortable).

Power Moves Home Benefits

What makes a Power Moves Home unique? Our high standards for energy efficiency. Here are some of the benefits illustrating why your next home should be a Power Moves Home:

  • Know your new home’s heating and cooling costs up front. Power Moves Homes cost an average of 26 cents per square foot annually to heat, and just 4 cents per square foot annually to cool!
  • Third party rater and local energy advisor help your building team so the home performs at its best
  • Access to experienced energy professionals before you build lets you tweak parts of your home before costly change orders are needed
  • No need to worry about the air you breathe in your home. Each Power Moves Home has a mechanical ventilation system customized to your home’s size and occupants
  • Rebates help make expensive, high performance technologies and techniques more affordable and easier to incorporate into your new home

* These specs are not inclusive of all program qualifications. Homes must be registered prior to construction start, blueprints submitted for review and builders trained. in addition to all specs being verified by an approved HERS rater before a home can be program certified. To start the process, please contact the Energy Advisor at your electric co-op or Dan Phillips at PMHome@PowerMoves.com.

What HERS Scores Mean to Energy Efficiency

The HERS index is the industry standard for measuring a home’s energy efficiency. A lower rating means that your home is more efficient—and costs you less money. If you’re wondering how Power Moves Homes stack up, check out the chart below. Our homes are 20 percent more efficient than an average new home, and a whopping 79 percent more efficient than a typical resale home. Watch the video below to see why you should always ask for the HERS index score.

Find a Certified Power Moves Home Builder

Building a home is one of the biggest decisions – and investments – you’ll ever make. You want to make sure it not only provides great value today, but that it also appreciates in the future. Saving energy means saving money – and your home will be more comfortable and efficient for many years to come. That’s why we’re making it easy to connect with a Certified Power Moves Home Builder in your area using our handy directory.

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