New method for multi-stage geothermal units means more rebates

If you installed a multi-stage geothermal heat pump in 2012 or later but missed out on qualifying for a rebate, your application is getting a second chance. Because when it comes to geothermal heat pumps and AHRI Certificates—and rebates—what works for one type of unit might miss the mark for the other. To make sure we address these differences, we’re adopting the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for determining rebates for multi-stage geothermal units.

Because they’re operating at different levels (and therefore efficiencies), a multi-stage geothermal heat pump just can’t be evaluated the same way a single-stage version can, and that’s been causing some frustration for members who want to take advantage of our rebate.

So we’re fixing that discrepancy by switching to the ENERGY STAR® methodology, which has been in place since 2012 and relies on averages to determine minimum efficiency qualification.

This is good news for a lot of reasons, first and foremost because those units that did not meet the minimum get another chance—and may well end up qualifying. We’re going over applications from 2012-13 to ensure that every qualifying geothermal heat pump gets its rebate.

The following formula, which uses the COP (coefficient of performance) and EER (energy efficiency ratio) listed on the AHRI certificate, gives you the numbers you need to find out whether you qualify:

  • Average EER: Highest-rated capacity EER:___ + Lowest-rated capacity EER:___ = ___ ÷2 = ____
  • Average COP: Highest-rated capacity COP:__ + Lowest-rated capacity COP:___ = ___ ÷2 = ____

For a closed-loop system, an average EER?17.1 and average COP?3.6 qualifies for a rebate. For an open-loop system, an average EER?21.1 and average COP?4.1 qualifies for a rebate.

This new system doesn’t change a thing for anyone seeking a rebate for a single-stage geothermal heat pump, but for those who have installed a multi-stage unit, be sure to check the “multi-stage” box on the rebate application and complete the formula to find the average EER and COP.

If you already applied using our former system, please know that we’re reviewing those applications and will be in touch if we find that you qualify for a rebate.

And, hey—congratulations on upgrading to the most efficient heating and cooling option on the market. We hope to support your good sense with a rebate.