Why geothermal stays hidden, despite rebates and tax breaks

The most efficient heating and cooling system available is still underground.

Too few homeowners are using a geothermal heat pump to heat and cool their homes, and although more and more are taking advantage of this 400% efficient system, it’ll always be underground. Not because it will never be popular — we certainly hope it will —but because that’s just how it works: A geothermal system takes heat from the ground in the winter and transfers heat from your house into the ground during summer. You never “make” hot or cold air; you just move what’s already there.

We like it so much that we offer great rebates for homeowners who put geothermal heat pumps into their new or existing homes. There may even be rebates and other incentives available for upgrading to a geothermal system; contact your tax professional for details.

Our stalwart spokesmodel Alex Mattingly invades a member’s home to tell you all about geothermal systems.