Need help saving energy? Call in the kids

It’s tough to save energy if you’re working against your own kids. You come home from work and find the lights on in every room, the television blaring in front of an empty couch, and the fridge door left wide open. “My savings!” you shout, but those darn rascals just don’t seem to listen.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But the truth is that kids have a hard time understanding how a simple thing like leaving a light on can cost the household money. Here are five ways to get them involved in—and even excited about—saving energy in your home.

  1. Show Them the Meter
    It might sound simple, but showing your kids the electric meter can help them understand that electricity is a real, measurable thing. Talk to them about where electricity comes from, and how—just like food and water—electricity can be wasted.
  2. Start a “Turn Off” Campaign
    Start with a simple goal by focusing on turning off lights that aren’t in use. Reward them when they remember, and set goals to see who can turn off the most lights in your home. Your kids will be more proactive when they feel more involved.
  3. Start a Book Club
    This one’s a little sneaky, but all’s fair in energy efficiency. Starting a book club with your kids (plus plenty of visits to the library) can help encourage them to choose something other than watching television or playing video games. And if it saves you a little electricity? Hey, all the better.
  4. Involve Them in Efficiency Projects
    Ask your kids for help identifying which lights you use the most before you update them with ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs. Have them help you with an air leak test. Find ways to get them more invested by making them active participants.
  5. Put Them in Charge for a Month
    Show them your usage this month and challenge them to do better. There’s nothing kids like more than outsmarting the adults, and if there’s a nice reward at the end—say a family pizza party—you might be surprised what they’ll do to save electricity.

Want more ideas for saving energy in your home? Contact your Energy Advisor today.