Bring a Little Sunshine Home

Ever since we introduced Co-op Solar as an easy, affordable way for members to start using clean solar energy, we just can’t stop talking about it. Because hey, what’s not to like? Co-op Solar makes it simple for our members to start using solar energy.

But despite our best efforts, we know not everybody knows about the program yet. If that’s the case, we’re certainly not going to walk away from the opportunity to spread a little sunshine! Here’s what you need to know about Co-op Solar, and how you can sign up.


What is Co-op Solar, and how does it work?

Co-op Solar is a “community solar” program from your local electric cooperative. It uses solar arrays across three different states to generate energy. (You can even take a peek at the arrays and see how they’re doing.)

Because our arrays are spread out geographically, we’re able to capture more sun and provide more solar energy than an individual rooftop system alone could manage. When you sign up for Co-op Solar, you get all the benefits of those arrays, with no equipment to install or maintain.


Who’s eligible to participate in Co-op Solar?

To be eligible, you must be a member of a participating local electric cooperative. These include:

  • Boone REMC
  • Carroll White REMC
  • Citizens Electric Corporation
  • EnerStar Electric Cooperative
  • Heartland REMC
  • Kankakee Valley REMC
  • LaGrange County REMC
  • MJM Electric Cooperative
  • Miami-Cass REMC
  • NineStar Connect
  • Noble REMC
  • Steuben County REMC

If you’re a member of one of the cooperatives above, you can sign up to start using solar energy today—even if you rent your home. If you don’t see your cooperative on that list, but you still want to use solar energy, be sure to reach out and let them know.


How much solar energy can I use?

That’s up to you and your co-op! When you sign up for Co-op Solar, you can choose the number of “solar blocks” you wish to purchase (keep in mind the number available does vary by co-op). On average, a single block will produce about 100 – 500 kWh per year. For context, if you use a 1,000-watt coffeemaker for one hour every day, after a year you’d have used about 365 kWh.

If that still seems a little hard to wrap your head around, you can see our solar energy production firsthand. Not only that, but you’ll find a customizable dashboard that lets you see just exactly how much energy you (and the rest of the Co-op Solar community) can produce over time. It’s a great way to discover just how powerful solar energy can be.


Learn more, then connect.

Co-op Solar is a pretty big idea, and we expect you’ve got a lot of questions about how it works. Find more answers (or ask us directly), and start using clean solar energy.