Keeping the Madness Out of TV Buying

This is your year to pick the winning March Madness bracket.  

You might have failed previously, but, this time, you can feel it. You’ve done the homework and, when the NCAA tournament field is revealed March 15, you will pencil in all the right teams. Then, after watching every single game, the glory — and bragging rights — will be yours.

This being a big year, you might also consider purchasing a new TV, perhaps something with a 65-inch screen (or even larger) and ultra-high definition, so you’ll have a more lifelike experience watching your teams slam-dunk their way to the Final Four.

But, which telly to choose? The TV aisle is filled with confusing options — 4K, 8K, HDMI 2.1, SMART LED and UltraHD to name a few. And with the wrong choice plugged in at home, you could easily bump up your energy consumption with your viewing experience.

We can help.

We know which televisions will conserve energy, regardless of screen size. Finding the right models is easy: Just look for the Energy Star logo when buying the new television.

On average, ENERGY STAR®-certified televisions are 25% more efficient than conventional models, saving electricity all the time, whether your TVs are sleeping, idling, or when you’re watching them. That’s good for your wallet and it also helps the environment.

Even before walking into the appliance store, you can do research. ENERGY STAR® has compiled a list of 2020’s most-efficient models, including a Vizio E-Series 75-inch smart TV and RCA 19-inch LED, in a range of screen sizes from 17 to 74 inches. They’ve also estimated the annual energy consumption for each.

The best part is, you can find ENERGY STAR® TVs with all the latest and greatest features including internet connectivity, ultra-high definition, and high dynamic range, for better color and contrast.

After you bring home your new-and-improved television, ENERGY STAR® has a couple of additional tips to help conserve even more, regardless of how your family uses it.

Other ways to save include:

  • In the end, when you use all of the options for savings with what’s likely your home’s most-used appliance, you’re winning — whether or not the March Madness predictions pan out.

But they will. After all, it’s your year.