Turn off the TV. Pick up a Book.

We’ve all heard critics say, “The book was better than the movie.” That’s because you have a beautiful, limitless imagination that all the pixels on your HD television can’t possibly compete with. With that in mind, we’re sharing some summer reading recommendations to keep you entertained without turning on the television.

Below you’ll find a handful of titles covering energy efficiency (shocker!), a classic novel and a few newer titles to keep you entertained without relying on your TV or your internet connection.

Want to really go the extra mile in saving a few watts of energy this summer? Read by candlelight. You’ll love the quaint, 19th century vibe you can achieve. Or just install an efficient, LED light bulb: it will still save energy, and has a much lower risk of causing a fire.


The Best Book on Energy Efficiency

When assessing David MacKay’s book Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air, tech titan and philanthropist Bill Gates said, “If you read just one book I would recommend this one.” That’s a pretty strong endorsement from a guy who has dedicated billions to curbing climate change and saving the planet. Gates says the book is less about climate change and more about changing the way we produce energy to emit less CO2.

Paperback copies of MacKay’s book are pricey on Amazon. Fortunately, the PDF version is available free on his website. With a little more information in your back pocket, you’ll be even more passionate about all the ways Power Moves helps co-op members reduce their energy consumption.


The Author Who Wrote the Book on Beach Reads

Emily Henry’s latest book The People We Meet on Vacation was on all of the big summer reading lists: Newsweek, Oprah Magazine and dozens of other publications included it in their most-anticipated releases of the year. The author of NY Times best-seller Beach Read, Henry’s latest novel follows two best friends as they attempt to mend their broken relationship on a vacation together.


A Classic for a Reason

Why go digging for the hot, new bestseller when it’s already been written? There’s a reason Vulture named Daniel Defoe’s masterpiece Robinson Crusoe the best beach book of all time. It’s the original desert island tale. Readers are still running back to this adventure more than 300 years after its original publication in 1719. It’s entertaining. It’s perfect for all ages. Even if you aren’t headed to the beach before summer ends, this classic will have you feeling transported, digging your toes in the sand.


The Summer’s Big Book on Music

Hot off the presses! Long Players: Writers on the Albums That Shaped Them, was just published by Bloomsbury on August 3. In the era of Spotify and algorithmic playlists tailored to every user, the argument that the long player is dead is certainly up for debate. Maybe this book will reignite your love for this older, less clickable format. After all, you’re reading a blog post about books. Dive into a book about records while you’re at it.

We all have a lot of entertainment vying for our attention these days. Many of us spent way too much time on the streaming services during the pandemic last year. Give your television (and energy bill) a break and pick up a great book before the end of the summer. You’ll be happy you did. Because it’s true: The book is always better than the movie.