When the power goes out, your co-op goes to work

The last time you thought about your electricity provider may have been when power suddenly went out. Fortunately, seconds later, your local electric co-op already was at work restoring service.

Your local electric co-op works around the clock 24 hours every day, 365 days each year, to ensure safe, reliable delivery of affordable electricity. The organization also works with Wabash Valley Power Alliance or Hoosier Energy, the generation and transmission cooperatives that generate and deliver power to distribution co-ops in Indiana. Your co-op is even part of a network of more than 900 consumer-owned not-for-profit electric cooperatives that work with local, state, regional and even federal agencies that monitor and operate the nation’s energy grid (some agencies even work across North America!). The complex transmission system that delivers electricity to homes and businesses in your community includes:

High-Voltage Transmission Lines: The transmission towers and cables that carry large amounts of high-voltage electricity from generating plants to local and regional distribution substations.

Distribution Substations: Electrical facilities that contain equipment for controlling flow of electricity from where it is generated to those using it. Transmission line voltages are reduced to levels that are carried along distribution lines. Each substation can serve thousands of member-consumers of a local electric cooperative.

Main Distribution Lines: Main distribution lines carry the electricity to populated areas, including businesses and neighborhoods, in a community.

Tap Lines: These lines carry power to transformers and are connected to poles outside of homes and businesses.

Service Lines to Individual Homes: A service line from a nearby transformer delivers electricity to individual buildings, where it is then used by appliances, devices and systems.

Your local electric co-op’s employees, from the CEO to linemen, member service reps and more, are dedicated to ensuring your community has the reliable electricity needed to power your day.