Turn ‘on’ to go off-road

More varieties of electric vehicles give people options to enjoy all-terrain travel

While many people enjoy driving around town in electric vehicles, more options are becoming available for enthusiasts who want to travel off the beaten path (or no path at all).

The electric vehicle market has grown in the U.S., with more consumers buying EVs in recent years. Fortunately, the kinds of electric vehicles hitting the market also are expanding. For people who enjoy going off-road, that can mean all sorts of fun! Some new options to consider include utility terrain vehicles, trucks and even bikes and motorcycles.

Electric Bikes and Motorcycles: The motorcycle and biking industries are getting electric makeovers. Zero Motorcycles, which created its initial prototypes in 2006, offers a variety of electric motorcycles; newer companies, such as Rambo Bikes, sell battery-powered bicycles. The Iowa-based company highlights its bikes for enthusiasts who enjoy hunting, camping and other outdoor activities. Some models listed on the Rambo Bikes website can start with financed monthly payments less than $100.

Utility Terrain Vehicles: Designed for work or leisure, several companies including Polaris and Volcon have developed all-electric UTV models. Electrek reported this summer that Volcon will start delivering its first new Stag all-electric UTV next summer. Polaris, which makes multiple kinds of off-road vehicles, partnered with Zero Motorcycles as part of its plan to offer electric options for most of its “core product categories” by 2025, according to a Zero Motors announcement of the partnership.

Pickup Trucks & Sports Utility Vehicles: Multiple car and truck manufacturers have announced plans for electric truck and SUV models to enter the market over the next few years. Ford even has started delivering the Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric truck, while EV start-up Rivian already has delivered orders of its all-electric pickup; Rivian also has more EV models coming in the next few months.

Many companies that sell gas-powered vehicles are exploring – or already selling – electric options, with more expected over the next few years. These new options offer new possibilities for people to explore the world in ways they might not have previously considered. You can contact your local electric co-op’s energy advisor for advice on electric vehicles, including best ways and times to charge them at home.  Your energy advisor also can give you more information on new electric vehicles that can take you off the beaten path – literally!