Take Control and Earn Cash Back with a
Wi-Fi Thermostat

2023 has arrived, and the new year brings a fresh batch of rebates for energy-efficient appliances and upgrades. For instance, you can earn $45 cash back when you upgrade to a qualifying Wi-Fi thermostat.

Beyond the immediate savings that the rebate provides, a Wi-Fi thermostat can help you save over time, as well. As an informed Power Moves reader, you’re likely aware that your home’s heating and cooling are often its largest use of energy. A Wi-Fi thermostat senses when you’re not home and can be programmed to reduce energy use at specific times of the day. This helps your HVAC system avoid working overtime to produce temperatures you don’t need.

Here are a few additional reasons to consider upgrading to a Wi-Fi thermostat.

Control Your HVAC System Remotely

If you’ve ever sat down at your office desk only to realize you forgot to change your thermostat to a more energy-efficient setting, you’re not alone. After all, the efficiency of your air conditioner or furnace is often low on your to-do list, behind feeding and bathing your kids, getting your work completed, or any number of other everyday tasks. Sure, it’s nice to come home from work to a comfortable temperature, but it’s a waste of energy to run your heating or air conditioning unit at an optimal temperature for humans all day—especially if you’re not there for eight hours or more.

Enjoy More Control Over Your Home

A Wi-Fi thermostat can provide more flexibility. For example, many Wi-Fi thermostats will give you access to zoning. This allows you to set specific temperatures for certain rooms or parts of your home. So if your family is all hanging out in the family room watching a movie or playing games, you probably don’t need to be heating or cooling your upstairs bedrooms. You can program your thermostat to a different setting for each room, optimizing your energy and saving you money on your energy bill.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

A Wi-Fi thermostat can improve your home’s air quality by letting you know when your filters need to be changed or alerting you when you need to schedule regular HVAC maintenance. Some Wi-Fi thermostats even include a humidity sensor, helping you keep your home at a comfortable level.

These are just a few reasons why you might benefit from upgrading to a Wi-Fi thermostat. To learn more about these energy-efficient appliances and how they work with your specific HVAC system, visit our Wi-Fi thermostat rebate page and contact your local co-op’s home energy advisor today. We’re happy to help!