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Learn about water heater efficiency

Understanding fuel types can lead to greater energy savings on your water heater.

Your water heater uses a lot of energy. But not all water heaters are equal—depending on the fuel type they use, the amount of energy they require can vary. Learn more about fuel types and how they can affect your system.

Project Overview

Tools and Materials:

  • Varies


  • Disconnect power sources when working on electrical appliances
  • Turn off gas at cutoff valves before working on gas lines
  • Be sure to relight pilot lights
  1. Inspect your water heater to determine what kind of system you have in place, and what kind of fuel type it uses. You can also compare it against our chart to see how much it may cost you to operate.
  2. Could your water heater benefit from a timer? If you own a tank-type electric water heater, the answer may be yes. Our guide will help you learn more.

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