Making batt insulation most effective

Good intentions aren’t enough to keep temperatures stable—and neither is batt insulation that isn’t installed properly.

Whether fiberglass or rock wool, batts are an easy and inexpensive way to insulate, but there’s a little more to getting the most benefit from batt insulation than unfurling it between studs. Leaving gaps around the insulation or packing it too tightly reduces its effectiveness to almost nothing.

Not to worry. Proper installation isn’t complicated—with a few simple tips and tools, you can get the job done well, even in tougher-to-fill areas. New videos from North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) give you the know-how you need.

In the first video of the series, Director of High Performance Homes for Advanced Energy takes you through an ENERGY STAR home, showing you where to place insulation.


Video 2 gives you installation details and tips from professional contractors, who show you how to get the job done effectively.


A third video walks you through a pre-drywall insulation inspection, covering some pitfalls and tricky installation situations.