Saving Your Customers More than Money

You know what’s great about a Power Moves rebate for energy-efficiency improvements? It’s not just that you’re saving your customers money on making upgrades to their homes. It’s also that you’re saving them energy over the long haul (which, okay, also saves them money). When you’re looking to distinguish yourself from your competitors, this is just one more way you can prove that you’re the best in the biz.

Rebates for Efficiency Upgrades

There’s another term for rebates and incentives: Free money. We think energy efficiency is so important that we want to give you money to make it happen by retrofitting homes with energy efficient upgrades to systems like water heaters and heating and cooling. Find out more—and find the application forms—on our rebates page.

Power Moves Home

You’re already building great homes. A Power Moves Home certification is the perfect way to show customers your high standards, giving you credentials that your competitors don’t have—which your customers will appreciate when they see the savings. Not only that, but Power Moves Homes also qualify for special rebates. Kind of a win-win, don’t you think? Learn more about the Power Moves Home program.