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POWER MOVES is sponsored by your local electric co-op and it’s here to help you save energy and money.

Why help you use less of our product? Because when you belong to an electric co-op, you’re not a customer—you’re a member. That means our product is your product, and it also means that keeping energy use down keeps everyone’s costs down.

You see, if demand goes up and up, we go to much greater lengths to ensure every member gets the energy they want. That means a higher price tag for energy, for all of us. We don’t want that, and we doubt you do, either.

Which is why we introduced POWER MOVES: to give you the tools you need to save energy and money right where you live. Typing in your ZIP code gives you a custom POWER MOVES experience tailored to your local electric co-op.

Click around to find out how we can help you keep your home, farm, school, or business running more efficiently. Check out our rebate and incentive programs. Take a look at our blog for more in-depth coverage of energy-saving topics. Read what your neighbors have to say about their experiences with saving energy in our testimonials section.

There’s a lot to see. And a lot of ways to save.

Budding Buzz

Budding Buzz

As a beekeeper for almost 40 years, Dale McMahan has seen a lot. Next spring, a new planting near McMahan, now the president of the Beekeepers of Indiana, will provide a new food source to help bolster insect populations in an example of larger efforts to halt the decimation of pollinator populations nationwide.
We headed to Texas to learn—and came back with a couple of Gold Awards!

We headed to Texas

When we launched the POWER MOVES website, we did it so that members would have easy access to the information…