School finds cool savings with POWER MOVES

The staff and students at Kankakee Valley REMC member Boone Grove High School are cool and comfortable thanks to a new chiller powering its air conditioning system, and we’re happy to add that an incentive from POWER MOVES helped get them there.

The high school replaced a more than 20-year-old chiller with a higher efficiency model and earned a rebate of more than $10,000.

“We have been working to look at many different ways to become more efficient,” said Porter Township Schools Superintendent Dr. Stacey Schmidt in an article on “When looking at our utility costs, the purchase of the new chiller was one way to save money on our utility bills with the increase in efficiency, and receiving a rebate is an additional benefit as it offsets the cost of the chiller so that we can make the most of every dollar of taxpayer support we receive.”

“Everybody benefits from improved energy efficiency,” said Kankakee Valley REMC CEO Dennis Weiss in the article. “Members use less electricity, so their energy costs go down. Our co-op doesn’t have to purchase as much power, so power suppliers generate less and can put off building new plants, both of which are good for the environment. And in this case, local taxpayers will benefit, too.”

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