Perryville couple finds energy leaks with an audit

Citizens Electric members Francine and Robert Ray felt pretty confident about the energy efficiency of their home, but when they saw the chance to get the details on where they stood, they took it.

“We got a notice with our bill for an energy audit and thought, ‘We can’t go wrong here—this is a special deal, and we can get rebates if we follow their advice,’” Fran said. “We love this house and have put a lot of work into it, but we had often wondered whether it was really as efficient as it could be.”

The couple bought their home in July 2000 and then spent four months on a major renovation that they imagined left it in pretty good shape but also left them with one end of the house much cooler than the other. A February 2013 energy audit got to the root of that problem.

“The man who came to do our audit was just awesome,” Fran said. “He was here for two hours and never stopped measuring and testing. There wasn’t anything he missed.”

The Rays received a report that showed the cost and projected savings of the recommendations, which as they expected showed the house wasn’t far off its most efficient.

“Right away, we called and had insulation added, had weather stripping and sealant installed—the things the report recommended,” Fran said. “We felt the difference immediately.

“I was excited to find out that we were in such good shape, that the recommendations were reasonable, and that we’re so much more comfortable now.”

The Rays have since scheduled an energy audit for their son’s home. They’ve also become regular visitors to for the energy-saving tips.

“Now that I’ve found the site, I get on it to find the articles,” Fran said. “I follow the tips, like only running my dishwasher when I have a full load, and not till 10 o’clock.

“Because it’s not just the fact that you’re saving on utility bills when you less electricity—you’re saving in other ways, too. Even bigger ways.”