Indiana facility reaches “amazing” efficiencies

From its 1984 start, Spear Corporation has grown to Olympic heights. The Roachdale, Indiana, company manufactures swimming pool components and has grown into a global consulting and installation business for commercial pools—including those used for the 2012 Olympic time trials.

Owners Jim and Connie Spear say they’re always working to bring the best to their customers and their 43 employees, and we can’t help noticing that attitude extends to the landscape the operation touches. It’s in their choice to help develop a rural community by building their business within it and in their commitment to creating a pleasant work environment while drawing as few resources as possible. We got the chance to help them with the latter part of that mission in 2014.

It was time to replace the company’s office and fabrication buildings, and Jim got in touch right away with Parke County REMC to ensure that his new 12,000 square foot facility would be efficient and comfortable. His Energy Advisor gave him the information he needed to choose the tools for the job: a geothermal system and proper insulation and sealing.

The project ended up earning Spears Corporation a rebate for its geothermal heating and cooling system, and it brought in a grant through the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). Because the Spears also were eligible for a tax credit for their energy-efficiency efforts, their project payback will be just one year—and their heating and cooling bills stunningly low.

“To be able to heat and cool a building of this size for around $6,000 is amazing,” Jim said.

Sure—for now. But with more and more conscientious members like the Spears taking advantage of our assistance for energy-efficiency projects, we like to think “amazing” will become plain old “normal.”