Keep your bills lower with these 15 summer savings tips

The summer of 2016 has been a real record-breaker. But that doesn’t mean your energy bills have to break the bank. Here are 15 quick tips to help you save.

  1. Change that AC filter
    A dirty filter isn’t just gross—it’s less efficient. Change it out for a fresh one at the start of the season to give your HVAC system a break, and start monthly inspections so you’ll know when you need a new one.
  2. Grill out
    A hot stove or oven is going to radiate heat throughout your home, adding to the workload of your air conditioning. Try cooking out instead.
  3. Air-dry your dishes
    Some dishwashers have an air-dry setting; others might require you to interrupt the cycle. But either way helps you avoid the warmth of a heat-dry cycle radiating throughout your home.
  4. Run your ceiling fans
    Air moving at just one-mile-per-hour can make your home feel as much as 3-4 degrees cooler. Before you reach for the thermostat, try running your fans.
  5. Take colder showers
    On a hot day, cooler water doesn’t just feel better—it can lead to big savings by putting less demand on your home’s water heater.
  6. Take shorter showers
    Instead of baths, that is. A quick shower gets you just as clean, but can save you a lot of hot water over the summer months.
  7. Be shady
    Closing curtains, shutting blinds, and drawing shades all help keep the sun’s rays from warming your home.
  8. Turn off unnecessary lights
    Okay, sure, this one’s good year-round, but we can’t say it enough: Switches equal savings, if you remember to use them.
  9. Check your vents
    Is that couch sitting on top of an air return? Do those drapes fall right across a register? Your system has to work a lot harder if it can’t supply and return air properly—so make sure that it can.
  10. Capture the cool
    Pay attention to the temperatures at night—it might be a chance to open your windows overnight and capture some cool air for the next day.
  11. When you’re away, the heat can stay
    There’s no point in running your AC cold when nobody’s in the house. If you’re away during the day, leave the temperature a little higher to save energy.
  12. Your thermostat is a loner
    Thermostats read the temperature to gauge whether or not your system should kick on. Nearby appliances that give off heat, including televisions or lamps, can make it think the room is warmer than it is. Give your thermostat plenty of space for a more accurate reading.
  13. Never settle for half a load
    If you want to maximize efficiency and save on energy, never run your dishwasher or washing machine with half a load. Keep them full to keep on saving.
  14. Fill up that fridge
    Need an excuse to keep your fridge fully stocked? How’s this—a full fridge doesn’t warm up as fast when you open the door. That means it doesn’t have to use a lot of energy cooling back down.
  15. Increase attic insulation
    If you want to keep cool air in your home this summer, increasing your attic insulation can make a big difference. How much should you add? Call your energy advisor for an analysis and recommendation.

Looking for more ways to beat the heat this summer? No sweat! Contact your Energy Advisor to learn more.