Keep your bills lower with these 14 winter savings tips

Bust out the hot chocolate and extra afghans, because winter has arrived. The extreme cold is bad enough, but if your energy usage spikes it can really add insult to injury. Try out these tips to help you save energy—and money.

  1. Turn off those ventilation fans
    If you have a ventilation fan in your kitchen or bathroom, make sure you’re turning them off when not in use. Otherwise, they’ll pull the warmth from your home.
  2. Put on a sweater
    It’s old advice, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good—bundling up means you can keep the temperature down, saving you money in the long run.
  3. Seal those air leaks
    Air leaks at the top and bottom of your home mean major losses for your energy efficiency. Contact your energy advisor to help find significant leaks below your floor or up in your attic.
  4. Turn down your water heater
    Lowering your setting to 120 degrees will help you save energy this winter, and you’ll probably never notice the difference.
  5. Let those dishes breathe
    Doing dishes? Instead of letting the dishwasher heat them dry, interrupt the cycle and let the dry winter air do it for you for free.
  6. Replace your old air filter
    Your air filter clogs up with dust and hair over time. Which is good—that’s why you have it in the first place—but it also means your HVAC system has to work a lot harder to heat your home.
  7. Let in the sun
    Open your blinds, pull back the curtains, and let that sunshine in to help warm up your home.
  8. But cover drafty windows—especially at night
    Heavy curtains can act as another level of insulation, especially in front of cold or drafty windows. If the sun isn’t shining, cover those windows well.
  9. Unplug those Christmas lights
    And any other lights you aren’t using. Leaving them on when no one’s around adds up to a big expense.
  10. Insulate your water heater
    If your water heater isn’t insulated, it’s going to be fighting the cold temperatures to keep your water warm. Insulation can help, but please take extra care to be safe if you’re insulating a gas water heater.
  11. Max out your washing machines
    If you want to maximize efficiency and save on energy, never run your dishwasher or washing machine with half a load. Keep them full to keep on saving.
  12. Keep your fridge fully stocked
    A refrigerator filled with food doesn’t warm up as quickly when you open the door. Plus, this is a great excuse to keep it stocked with holiday leftovers.
  13. Buy LEDs—even for your holiday lights
    Whether for your light fixtures or for your Christmas tree, buying LED bulbs can help you save energy this winter.
  14. Add insulation to your attic
    Don’t let that warm air escape! Like pulling on a winter hat, adding insulation to your attic can make a big difference. If you have less than 6” of the fluffy stuff in your attic, it’s probably a good idea to add more. Contact your Energy Advisor for an analysis and recommendation.

Looking for more ways to outsmart Old Man Winter? Contact your Energy Advisor to learn more.