Meet a real-life Energy Advisor: Joe Spear’s answer benefits Carroll-White’s members

As Joe Spear worked on an HVAC system he helped install at the Carroll White REMC office, he was asked a question that shifted his career from what he had done for almost a quarter of a century – and he’s had no regrets! Carroll White members have benefited tremendously from his answer as well.

How’d you become an Energy Advisor?
I was servicing the HVAC systems at the Carroll White REMC office (that I had helped install) and was approached and asked if I would be interested in the Energy Advisor position. Best question I have ever been asked.

What’d you do before?
I had been in the HVAC trade for more than 23 years.

What’s the last hobby you picked up?
I enjoy all kinds of cooking and baking, smoking meats and grilling.

What’s the best vacation you ever had?
I pulled a pop-up camper with four kids in a Buick Roadmaster car to Montana and down through Yellowstone and back. We had a blast!

Joe Spear, energy advisor at Carroll White REMC

Joe Spear, energy advisor at Carroll White REMC.

If you could switch lives with a person for one day, who would it be?
Boy I don’t know. I kind of like being me. It’s not for everyone but it suits me fine.

In a world without electricity, what would you miss most?
Hot showers

What’s the best thing that happened to you yesterday?
I woke to a beautiful wife and kids’ smiling faces.

How’d you change your energy habits at home after you took this job?
I sealed up a few holes in my house, changed some bulbs and installed a geothermal system.

What’s the number one thing members want to know?
“Why is my usage so high?”

What’s the number one thing you wish they knew?
How much it costs to operate each appliance.

If you weren’t an Energy Advisor, what would you be?
Still in the HVAC Trade.