Stand Out from the Competition with a Power Moves Home

Home building is a competitive industry. Every builder in the market is trying to offer just a little more for just a little less. But what if you could offer your customers something that would not only put them in a more comfortable home, it would save them money for years down the line? And what if you could offer all those benefits with expert assistance from their electric co-op?

That wouldn’t just be good news for your customers. It would be good news for you, too. That’s why we think you’re going to love the Power Moves Home program.

Why a Power Moves Home?

If you’ve visited us here before, you probably know how much we love sharing tips about energy efficiency. We love to tell homeowners how they can save energy by making improvements around the house and offer them rebates and incentives to do that.

But with your help, we can take it to the next level.

With the Power Moves Home program, you can offer your customers a home that’s 30 percent more energy efficient than a traditional home. By using our standards to guide the construction, homeowners can enjoy a home that’s both more comfortable and less expensive from the day they move in.

That means a Power Moves Home has some real benefits to your customers. So how much do we charge builders to participate?

Not a penny.

How the Power Moves Home Program Works

When you sign up for the Power Moves Home program, our first step is to meet with you to discuss the program’s requirements. That way everybody’s on the same page, and you can ensure success.

Next, at no cost, we’ll have a Home Energy Rating System® (HERS) rater assigned to your project. Before and after construction, your HERS rater will be on-hand to verify the program’s requirements are met, including a blower door test, and to make sure the project earns certification as a Power Moves Home. Finally, once construction is complete, you and your customer will receive a full energy-efficiency report that includes the home’s HERS rating—and the tests performed by the HERS Rater can often be used for occupancy permit purposes.

And did we mention all of this was free? Neither you nor your customer pays to participate. It’s a free service that comes straight from your local electric cooperative.

Find Out More or Sign Up

Maybe you’ve got a few more technical questions you’d like to have answered. Or maybe you’re ready to dive right in. Either way, we’d love to hear from you and talk more about the advantages of offering Power Moves Homes to your customers.

Click here to learn more and sign up.