Don’t let cooling costs make your business sweat

Heading into the dog days of summer, the last thing you want to sweat is your organization’s energy costs.

This time of year, your company’s cooling system is likely working strenuously to keep people comfortable. As the heat soars higher, the more energy your system draws to keep your facility cool – costing your business money. Fortunately, your local electric co-op offers Power Moves® rebates for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades. A variety of business rebates are available for retrofits and new construction, including for cooling systems. Power Moves offers rebates for upgrades that include:

  • Air Conditioner Systems (up to $75/ton)
  • Air Source Heat Pumps (up to $75/ton)
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps (up to $750/ton)
  • Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (up to $50/ton)
  • Chillers (up to $40/ton)

If your facility has an older system, it may be a good time to consider an upgrade. Available rebates can help offset the cost of upgrading to the new cooling system. The upgrade also will help reduce your long-term energy costs compared to the equipment that was replaced. It is recommended that you review the efficiency of your current system and compare it to the efficiency of a new or replacement system (this is also required as part of the rebate process).

As you start planning, call the Power Moves team or your local electric co-op, who will make sure your new system qualifies. They can answer your questions and provide guidance to help you determine what system upgrade would work best for your facility. They will even help you through the application process for the rebate.

More Power Moves rebates are available for other energy efficiency upgrades – including custom projects, to maximize support for your business. Your local electric co-op’s energy advisor also can answer your questions, and can provide more analysis on how your facility uses electricity. Your co-op may even offer additional support for businesses they serve.

Learn more about energy-saving tips and business rebates that are available by visiting You also can contact your local electric cooperative’s energy advisor for more details about how you can help chill the monthly energy costs for your business.