Power Moves: Where Every Day is Earth Day

We’re always thrilled when Earth Day rolls around each spring, and everyone decides to dust off their compost bins and join us in caring for the planet. At Power Moves, providing co-op members with the resources and knowledge you need to reduce your energy consumption is a service we’re proud to provide every day.

So, if Earth Day inspires you to take action to cut down your energy use, that’s wonderful. Just know that these opportunities won’t disappear on April 23. Here are just a few of the programs and initiatives that will help you lower your environmental impact throughout the year.

Co-op Solar: Renewable Energy Made Easy

What if you could harness the incredible power of the sun without installing a single solar panel at your home, and regardless of what the weather looks like where you live? Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. That’s because, instead of gathering energy from solar panels on your roof, Co-op Solar arrays are placed strategically in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.

You get the benefit of electricity gathered by solar panels across the Midwest. Even if the sun’s not shining where you are, you’re connected with dependable electric power from your co-op. You don’t even have to own your home. With Co-op Solar, renters can take advantage of solar energy, too.

Power Moves Rebates: Paying You to Upgrade

We’ve all heard the expression, “They don’t make it like they used to.” When it comes to appliances and energy consumption, that’s a good thing. With Power Moves rebates, we make upgrading select appliances and heating and cooling systems more cost-effective, giving you cash back for upgrading to a more efficient model. That means you save money when you install and throughout the lifetime of your product. We offer incentives for energy-efficient construction projects as well. Check out our rebates page to learn more about the many ways you can earn cash for your commitment to go green.

Energy Assessments: Talking to an Expert

We know our members have a desire to reduce their carbon footprint, but it’s understandable if you don’t know exactly where to begin. That’s where your local co-op’s Energy Advisors can help. We’ll provide a professional opinion on how to improve your home’s efficiency and point you toward programs and incentives that will help you make a change. Just fill out our quick and easy energy assessment request form, and we’ll get a consultation set up.

DIY Projects: Dozens of Ways to Save

Which light bulbs are the most efficient? What’s the best way to insulate my attic or crawlspace? How do I get the most out of my HVAC system? If you have a home efficiency question, chances are strong we’ve answered it in one of our DIY Project posts in the past. If you’re the type of homeowner who isn’t afraid to get out your toolbox and pour some sweat equity into your home, we have enough ideas to keep you busy for weeks.

Happy Earth Day! We’re happy you’re here. We hope you’ll come back and take advantage of Power Moves and all we offer before this holiday hits next year.