Power Moves Go Profile: John Griffith, Tesla Model 3 Owner

What is your electric vehicle’s make and model?

Tesla Model 3


Why did you purchase an EV, and how did you decide on your particular vehicle?

This is my third electric vehicle and I purchased my Tesla after my Chevy Bolt lease ended. I chose the Tesla because of the interior room, driving range, and technology.


There’s a perception that electric vehicles are expensive. If you don’t mind sharing, how much did your EV cost? Did you receive any tax incentives to offset the price?

I believe my Tesla cost just under $40,000 and I did not receive any tax incentives.


What is your EV’s mile range, and how does that compare to your daily commute?

My Tesla Model 3 typically provides around 230 miles driving range. I normally drive around 35 miles round trip from home to work and back.


Where do you charge your vehicle the most? How long does it take to charge on an average day?

I primarily use the level two free charging stations provided by WVPA. On most days my car charges to nearly full capacity in less than four hours. I believe I can charge from nearly empty to nearly full in less than eight hours on a level two charger.


Do you have difficulty finding public chargers when taking a road trip?

No, I find that Tesla has many Super Charger options in addition to the standard chargers available. I took a trip from Indianapolis to Terre Haute and charged up at a Super Charger located at a Meijer. I spent less than 30 minutes charging and easily had enough capacity to return home.


Does vehicle insurance cost more or less with an EV? What was your experience?

I’m not sure about how insurance costs compare with an EV.


What advice would you give to someone open to an EV but still a bit nervous about buying one?

Consider low commitment options to ease into the experience and build confidence. For two-vehicle households, an EV along with a combustion engine vehicle provides great flexibility. I’ve enjoyed all three of my EVs and expect that I will continue driving EVs in the future.