Earth Day Ideas You Can Bank On

Helping co-op members reduce their energy consumption is a year-round affair at Power Moves. While we don’t need a holiday to get excited about efficiency, we love that Earth Day brings efficiency to the top of mind for everyone. 

For Earth Day, let’s commit to making a change that extends beyond the holiday itself. In that spirit, we’re sharing some ideas that will help residential co-op members reduce their carbon footprint going forward. 

Upgrade and Save

Products that earn the ENERGY STAR® label are independently certified to save energy and help protect the planet. More efficient appliances are one of the easiest and most immediate ways to cut down on your home’s energy use. If you’re ready for something more comprehensive than an individual appliance, ENERGY STAR has a set of six high-impact energy efficiency improvements for your home they’re calling the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade

The elements of an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade are designed to work together to deliver significant energy and cost savings and can also help you transition from fossil fuels for a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable home. Not sure where to begin? A home energy assessment from your local electric co-op’s energy advisor will help determine where your home has the biggest opportunity for savings and point you toward rebates and incentives that will make your upgrade more affordable. 

Make the Switch to Renewable Energy

By choosing to use electricity generated by renewables such as wind and solar instead of fossil fuels, you’ll support a cleaner energy supply and make a difference in the fight against climate change. Many co-ops that participate in Power Moves offer the Co-op Solar program. The best part about Co-op Solar? You can harness the sun’s energy without the time and expense of installing rooftop panels.  

If you own a business on co-op lines and your organization has sustainability goals, renewables can help your bottom line too. You can purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) that will fulfill your goals and power your business sustainably. Talk with your co-op about what’s available. 


Enroll in PowerShift

We’re all about energy solutions that require minimal effort on the part of co-op members. The PowerShift program has many options that make reducing your energy consumption automatic. Whether you’re a farmer who can adjust your field irrigation schedule to times when energy is more affordable or a homeowner who’s willing to be flexible with your smart thermostat, you can earn money back just for signing up and payments every year you stay enrolled. That’s on top of the savings you’ll earn by being smarter with your energy consumption. Win-win! Call your co-op to learn the details of the demand response programs they offer.

Earth Day is an important time to celebrate our natural world and help protect our planet. But the great thing is, when you’re being energy efficient, you’re helping do just that all year long. So get out and celebrate Earth Day this year, but do it by making a change that lasts beyond April 22.