The Less Taxing Audit

An energy audit can save you electricity and money

Darrell Marks, energy services specialist at Kankakee Valley REMC, performs a home energy audit.

This tax season, embrace the audit that will help you save money! An energy audit will include a thorough review and testing of electricity use in your home — along with recommendations on steps you can take to save! An energy audit will help you in several ways. It will:

Inform you about your home’s electricity use. The audit will include an in-depth analysis of your energy consumption, including the electricity used by the appliances and heating and cooling systems in your home. People frequently believe that a particular appliance drives up energy costs. However, the audit will provide specifics about the major energy drivers in your home.

Spot energy inefficiencies in your home. From potential leaky ductwork to outdated inefficient water heaters, the auditor will test and review energy use to determine ways to increase your energy efficiency. Wasted energy also means wasted money! The dirty, dark places such as attics, crawl spaces and basements are often where the waste is hiding.

Indicate if and how upgrades will help you save electricity — and money. The audit results will include suggested steps you can take to improve your energy use. These tailored findings based on your home and personal energy use will include some suggested upgrades and the anticipated energy savings that they would provide.

Contact your local electric cooperative to get a list of contractors conducting energy audits. The cooperative may even provide the audit for you. Your local co-op also has a variety of incentives and Power Moves rebates that provide rebates for energy-efficient improvements that will save you money over the lifecycle of the upgrade. Contact your local co-op’s energy advisor for details.