Your Guide to a Sustainable Indy 500 Celebration

The month of May has arrived. If you live in Central Indiana, you know there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind: the Indianapolis 500. Whether you’re planning to go to the race or gather some friends for a house party, we’ve got some helpful suggestions to enjoy the race in an energy-friendly way — and save some money, too!

Skip Race Day Traffic. Ride a Bike!

Anyone who has attended the race can vouch for the nightmare that is the bumper-to-bumper traffic that extends for miles in every direction from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Everyone in Central Indiana has an opinion on the best way to the track on race day, but most of them involve gridlock traffic, no matter which route you choose. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix and it allows you to avoid burning gasoline at a time when we could all benefit from some savings at the pump.

For around $20, you can skip the traffic with a police-escorted, bike ride to the race with Bike Indianapolis. Several hundred bikers will depart from the Amp at 16 Tech at 9:30 a.m., with food and beverages available from Amp vendors starting at 7:30 a.m. Bikes will be parked just outside Gate One at the speedway, where they will be monitored throughout the race. It’s a great experience that reinforces community without contributing to the gas guzzling that defines race day’s central activity.

Host A Race Day BBQ

In the Midwest, Memorial Day weekend is one of the first you can reliably hope for warm weather that resembles summer. So if you’re hosting a race day party, take a pass on switching on your air conditioner and host your guests outside for a cookout. This will cut down on the foot traffic going in and out of the house, and it will lower the stress on your HVAC equipment. So fire up the grill, throw some ice in the cooler, and experience the race as it should be — in the great outdoors.

Don’t Watch, Listen.

If you grew up in Indiana, you likely experienced years when the race was unavailable on local television. The saga over broadcast rights goes back decades in an effort to get more local race fans inside the gates on race day. To keep up an Indy 500 tradition, don’t drag your television outside to watch the race live. Instead, embrace the beauty of the race on the radio. The veteran broadcasters who call the race really bring the coverage to life. Your guests will respect your commitment to tradition and your energy bill will benefit from the reduced energy required to power a radio versus an HD television.

Few things in Central Indiana are as enjoyable as Indy 500 weekend. We encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the race responsibly. With some proper planning, even the rowdiest of race day parties doesn’t have to be a drain on your pocketbook. Wherever you are, we hope you enjoy the race. If you decide to follow some of our race party tips, tag Power Moves in your photos on social media so we can join in the fun. We’re @PowerMovesEE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.