Get Amped Up for Spring: A Little Home Prep Can Save a Lot of Energy

Ah, spring. It seems like it gets here earlier every year. Which, frankly, is totally fine with us. Because we not only like the warmer weather; we also love talking about home energy-saving tips once temperatures start heating up.

Thankfully, these ideas won’t take the whole season to accomplish. Let’s take a look!

Give Your AC Some Love 

Spring weather is notoriously unpredictable — and it’s not uncommon for it to get hot enough that you’ll want to start running your air conditioning unit. But your AC could be a major energy suck if it isn’t well maintained.

Always be sure to check your air filter at the start of the season. If your filter is less than four inches thick, you should continue to check it each month. An old, dirty filter inhibits airflow, which makes your AC inefficient — in fact, up to 15 percent less efficient in some cases. Your air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils are other things you’ll want to keep an eye on. If they become dirty or corroded, this will also hurt energy efficiency, so try to keep them clean.

Use Those Windows 

This tip is simple but important: Don’t hesitate to open your windows during spring to let in fresh air. It’s a great way to stay comfortable — and it won’t cost you a thing. Since the temperature difference between the inside and outside of your home can be pretty minimal this time of year, it’s a good option for much of the season. And you’ll probably catch a nice breeze, too.

Landscape Your Way to Savings 

Planting trees and shrubs can provide great protection from the sun and wind. If you plant trees to the south and west in particular, they’ll likely block plenty of sunlight. And you can also consider planting around hard surfaces such as driveways and porches to keep these areas cooler. Check out the video for more tips.

Get Familiar with a Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat 

A Wi-Fi thermostat can be your best friend during unpredictable spring months. It lets you program your home’s temperature remotely and can be set to make minor changes throughout the day based on whether you’re home, sleeping, or whatever your preferences are. Even though these changes are subtle, they can add up quickly in terms of energy savings. Here’s some even better news: We’re offering great rebates on Wi-Fi thermostats if you’re interested!

Want to Save Even More?

There are so many ways to save energy and money this spring with a few simple changes at home. But if you really want to maximize your savings, we recommend contacting your energy advisor. They’ll give you free home energy advice — and that’s the best first step on your path to big savings.