Turbocharged Growth

Indiana electric co-op supports engine component manufacturer’s move to facilitate rapid expansion

Ever since Brayden and Chase Fleece designed and installed custom turbochargers on their trucks, they’ve been moving fast. And when they made their biggest move yet, their local electric co-op helped them make it happen.

Fleece Performance Engineering received $25,000 in Power Moves® rebates from Hendricks Power Cooperative for energy efficiency elements in its headquarters built in 2019. The business built its new Pittsboro, Ind., facility on an undeveloped 52-acre lot. The Fleece brothers created the business in 2008 and quickly became known for their staple product, the Cheetah turbocharger. The business moved to Brownsburg, Ind., in 2012, and in a few years maxed out the available space in its building.

“Every year we’ve been in business we’ve grown 30 to 50 percent, year-over-year,” said Jeff Merriman, chief operating officer for Fleece Performance Engineering. “We realized that we needed to move into a larger facility if we were going to continue to grow the business the way we have.”

When Fleece Performance employees began planning the new 75,000-square-foot building, they contacted Hendricks Power and members of the Power Moves team. The Power Moves team includes a LEED-AP certified engineer who can help businesses implement energy efficiency elements into building designs. Fleece Performance received Power Moves rebates for installing energy efficient lighting and a variable frequency drive on the air compressor that powers equipment throughout the facility. The business’s contractor worked with the Power Moves team to ensure that equipment qualified for rebates, and even received help completing the applications.

“The process was absolutely painless,” Merriman said. “There really wasn’t a whole lot to it, to be honest.”

Since Fleece Performance’s new location was undeveloped, the business worked with Hendricks Power to ensure that its power needs could be met. The electric cooperative installed new equipment to ensure that it could best serve the facility.

“It was a great partnership, with really good communication between Hendricks Power and us,” Merriman said. “They determined what they needed to do, and it seemed like everyone was on board.”

Over the years, Fleece Performance has continued to focus on producing innovative automotive products as their key to success. They have recently added a line of diesel fuel pumps to their product offering that has been quickly adopted by the diesel aftermarket because of its innovative design and elegant installation. The company has a distribution network of 15 warehouses throughout North America; most of Fleece Performance’s customers, which include do-it-yourselfers, auto repair shops, and even car dealerships, can receive parts within 24 hours.

“Fleece Performance is an inspiring story of a family-owned Hoosier business built from the ground up to become the international success that they are today,” said Greg Ternet, president and CEO of Hendricks Power. “We are proud to support them and meet their energy needs so that they can continue to expand to provide jobs and opportunities in the Midwest.”

Fleece Performance has continued to grow, and currently employs nearly 50 people. The business is on a five-year plan that includes potentially adding a new building at the site.

“If somebody is already doing something well in the industry, we don’t try to copy it,” Merriman said. “We try to be innovative and do other things that people can’t or haven’t done yet.”



  • Installation of energy efficient lighting and a variable frequency drive (VFD) on air compressor powering equipment in new 75,000-square-foot headquarters built in 2019


  • Hendricks Power Cooperative


  • Consulted with LEED-AP certified engineer on Power Moves team early in the design process to best incorporate energy efficiency elements into new building design
  • Energy efficient upgrades to facility, resulting in 316,754 kWh of energy savings per year


  • $25,000 Power Moves rebate for energy efficient upgrades
  • Additional annual savings in reduced energy usage


Download the full Fleece Performance Case Study.


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