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Cleaner air and energy savings

Forced-air systems allow you to control temperatures while saving energy.

A well-maintained forced-air system is a great way to save energy while also keeping your home nice and comfortable. Accomplishing that mission means making sure the system runs at peak efficiency, filling gaps that could cause air leaks, and regularly changing the air filter.

Project Overview

Tools and Materials:

  • Utility knife
  • Drywall saw/zip saw for cutting drywall


  • Exercise common sense when working on a ladder
  1. Inspect your ductwork, and use a qualified contractor to help you make sure that the heating and cooling upgrades you make to your system are the correct size for your home. Too large or too small and your new system won’t maintain comfort, and can even drive up energy costs.
  2. Also be sure to check your ductwork for air leaks, or any area within the ductwork system where gaps may need to be patched and sealed with mastic.
  3. Check your air filter to make sure that it is clean, and also to ensure that it’s the correct size for your particular system and needs.

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