Introducing Co-op Solar: the easiest, most affordable way to start using clean solar energy from your local electric cooperative. With Co-op Solar, there are no expensive rooftop solar panels to buy, install, or maintain. We handle the solar power. You get the benefits.

See how it works for yourself, or read up on some of our most frequently asked questions. You can even take a live look at how much solar power Co-op Solar is producing right this moment, and see how much you can start using. Want to learn more? Connect with us online.

Participating Co-ops

Currently, the following co-ops are participating in Co-op Solar:

  • Boone REMC
  • Carroll White REMC
  • Citizens Electric Corporation
  • EnerStar Electric Cooperative
  • Heartland REMC
  • Kankakee Valley REMC
  • Kosciusko REMC
  • LaGrange County REMC
  • Miami-Cass REMC
  • NineStar Connect
  • Noble REMC
  • Steuben County REMC
The purchase of a Co-op Solar block by the consumer does not represent the purchase of any ownership interest, right or title in or to any portion of the property and assets comprising the Solar Projects (whether tangible, intangible, real or personal) or constitute any type of securities related to such Solar Projects. All rights, title and interest in the Solar Projects are owned by Wabash Valley Power Association, Inc.


  • Energy Saving Tip #427

    End water (heating) torture.

    Leaky faucets can draw hot water, which you’re paying to heat. Fix dripping faucets as soon as you can.

  • Energy Saving Tip #231

    Charge, pull, repeat.

    There is no 110% battery power, so save energy by pulling the plug on chargers as soon as your devices hit 100%.

  • Energy Saving Tip #102

    Dive into the laundry deep end.

    When you dry loads back to back, your dryer stays warmer and you save on the energy it otherwise would draw to heat up from room temperature. If you have the time, a clothesline dries without drawing a kilowatt.

  • Energy Saving Tip #100

    A full freezer doesn’t just mean dinner’s at hand.

    The more space in your fridge or freezer, the more air you’re paying to cool. A well-stocked unit holds the cold better than an empty one.

  • Energy Saving Tip #311

    Clean coils mean efficient fridges.

    Do dust bunnies collect behind your refrigerator? Clean those coils to help your fridge function better.

  • Energy Saving Tip #161

    Leaf no savings opportunities behind.

    Planting trees on the side of your home that gets the most sun helps keep your house cool by blocking the hot, hot rays. Just be sure to watch out for power lines!

  • Energy Saving Tip #249

    Institute an open-door policy.

    Keep exterior doors shut, but leaving inside doors open helps air flow more freely and your air conditioner work more efficiently.

  • Energy Saving Tip #264

    Turn back—for savings to come.

    Ceiling fans make your air conditioner’s work easier when they spin counter-clockwise. Make sure yours are moving in the, ahem, right direction before temps go up.

  • Energy Saving Tip #247

    Is your oven lying to you?

    Very few ovens run true to the temperature on the dial. The small cost of an oven thermometer could save you lots of money and energy—and dry pot roasts. 

  • Energy Saving Tip #233

    Where there’s lint, there may be fire.

    A blocked dryer vent is a fire hazard at worst and an energy suck at best. Keep your vent clear to keep your dryer working efficiently.