Big savings for business: 3 case studies

We don’t mean to brag or anything, but since we began the Power Moves program, our commercial and industrial members have had some pretty incredible success stories. These members saw the potential of the program to help them save money and become more energy efficient. They also helped us rise to new challenges and find new ways to support our C&I members.

Now we want to share those stories with you. These case studies aren’t just great examples of businesses taking advantage of our rebate and incentive programs. They’re also rich with ideas and inspiration. Could they help your business be the next to save money? We sure hope so.

Case Study 1: DESTIHL Brewery

From the moment when Matt Potts opened the first DESTIHL Brewery location in 2007, the company was a wild success. Over the next several years, DESTIHL opened a second location, and then a third, as demand grew so quickly that the microbrewery was selling its products across the country.

Finally, the brewery grew so much that Potts realized a new, customized facility was the only way to keep up with demand. That’s when he found the perfect spot in a vacant location in Normal, Illinois. As Potts prepared to move in, he worked with his local electric cooperative to find ways to take advantage of Power Moves rebates and incentives.

The result? DESTIHL was awarded a $25,000 rebate for the planned upgrades, saving the company $20,000 each year.

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Case Study 2: Rose Acre Farms

Rose Acre Farms is a family-owned business with a national reach. When the company set out to create three innovative, cage-free egg-laying barns in its new production facility in Francesville, Indiana, they reached out to their local electric cooperative to help create facilities that would be energy efficient.

The new 171,000-square-foot barns were built with energy efficiency in mind, particularly in regard to lighting. Rose Acre Farms upgraded to full-spectrum LED lighting, which simulates natural daylight and makes the chickens calmer and more comfortable—which in turn leads to better egg production.

But the chickens weren’t the only benefactors. Rose Acre Farms was awarded $94,000 in rebates to make lighting upgrades that will save them $112,000 annually.

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Case Study 3: Homestead Dairy

Floyd Houin is a fourth-generation farmer. His dairy is a part of a family tradition. Preserving that tradition for future generations means consistently planning for the future. When Homestead Dairy opened a new, $15 million, 281,000-square-foot dairy expansion, Houin reached out to his local electric cooperative to find out what measures he could take to make sure the new expansion was both energy efficient and sustainable.

The effort sure paid off. Homestead Dairy received $125,000 in rebates for energy efficiency upgrades for an estimated $110,000 of energy savings each year. But his cooperative also took it one step further, working with the county’s economic development corporation to secure tax abatements for the business.

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