Find new savings with our Business New Construction program

You wanted it, and now you’ve got it.

We’ve launched a Business New Construction program to ensure rebates for anyone building a business facility from scratch or undertaking a major renovation—like changing a warehouse into apartments or offices.

A new building is an opportunity to make a real difference to your bottom line and your community. We’ll make a difference, too, with rebates for energy-efficient equipment and building design. Find out about our prescriptive rebates on lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration, and if nothing on that list applies to you, consider our custom rebate program.

Let us help you get the most possible from our rebate program; when you decide to build or to undertake a major renovation, talk to us as soon as you start planning. Bring our team into the process right from the start so we can help you choose systems and equipment that are best suited to your project and earn you the biggest incentives. 

Let us help you find savings on the equipment you need anyway. Because when you’re building or renovating, every little bit helps—and in this case, keeps helping while you save on energy over the lifetime of your building. And when you’re building a home, our Residential New Construction program can help keep your project energy-efficient, and cost effective.

We’re excited to offer this new program to members and look forward to supporting your efforts toward energy-efficiency.