Call early when you build and renovate to save three ways

It’s not like offering up an engagement ring on a first date or putting your toddler in the driver’s seat. When it comes to planning for energy efficiency, there’s no such thing as too early. You’re thinking you might build but haven’t drawn up plans yet? Perfect. Talk to us. You know you need to renovate but haven’t so much as found a contractor? Call us.


We know it’s a new way of doing things, and we want our members to be the Neil Armstrongs of energy-efficient building. Blaze the trail for future savings-happy members.

Because building or renovating requires planning. That’s no surprise to anyone. And less surprising still: It costs money. Incomplete planning means more work and more money down the line.

We exist to save members money. We’re experts in it.

When you start with us, you get threefold savings: the money you save month after month by using the most energy-efficient equipment and building practices; the cash you get back through our incentive programs for making those choices; and the savings you get from not changing plans along the way.

We work with you, your contractor, your architect or engineer—or all of those players—to ensure that no energy-efficient option is left unconsidered and that you end up with the lowest energy costs down the road. And we do all of that for no charge; it’s part of our service to members.

Why wouldn’t you make that call?

“It’s never too early in the process to talk to us,” said Mary Miller, energy engineer for POWER MOVES. “We can help you the most if we get in on the process while you’re still putting pen to paper—figuring out the design, the size of the rooms, the HVAC, lighting, and so on. Long before ground has been moved.”

We’ve heard members’ tales of woe when they’ve learned too late about rebate and savings potential, and we’ve seen the process work beautifully, as it did recently with St. Genevieve Catholic Church’s Rozier Building in St. Genevieve, Missouri.

We worked with the architect on that project from the early days of the design phase, and we consulted with him as the project came to fruition, bringing in rebates for lighting and HVAC.

“We’re still in the process of getting all those rebates nailed down,” Miller said, “but I can tell you that we left no stone unturned for savings. We ran all the calculations to show how to light without overlighting, for example, and to make every energy-efficient building decision that was available.

“That’s how the process works best. We get in early, and we find the solutions for the project. We can help match equipment to our prescriptive rebates and work out all kinds of custom rebate solutions.”

Well, we can do that, yes. But only if you call—early. Maybe now?