Are you overlooking big savings for your business? We think you might be.

It’s easy to understand why our lighting programs have been so popular. Your lighting is one of your most—pardon the pun—visible business expenses, and one you probably interact with on a daily basis. But you might be overlooking other opportunities to take advantage of POWER MOVES incentives for your business.

What kind of non-lighting projects do we mean? Well, they can include things like upgrades or replacement units for your heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, water pumps, and more. If you find yourself needing frequent repairs on your old units, it’s probably well past time you get them replaced.

Check out some of the incentives on offer for these systems:

  • Chillers – $25-$40/ton
  • Commercial A/C – $60-$75/ton
  • Commercial air source heat pumps – $60-$75/ton
  • Ground source heat pump – up to $750/ton
  • Packaged terminal heat pump – $50/ton
  • VFD on chilled water pump, heated water pumps or HVAC fans- $100/HP
  • Room air conditioner – $20/unit
  • Refrigeration door/frame heater control – $50/door
  • Outside air economizer with dual-enthalpy sensors – $150/unit
  • Night covers – $6.00/linear foot
  • Programmable thermostat – $20/thermostat

These incentives, coupled with the improved energy efficiency you’ll see after installing replacement units or upgrades, lead to big savings for your company.

So how do you know which ones you qualify for? If you feel unsure where to begin, we recommend you contact your local Energy Advisor, who can help you understand your needs and what first steps you should take.

You can also find more information by checking out our handily available application forms, and stop overlooking better ways to save.