PowerShift® puts you in control of your co-op’s energy consumption

You’re probably hearing a lot about PowerShift right now, and for good reason—it’s a small change that makes a huge impact on how much your co-op pays for electricity, giving you the power to make a big difference.

The way it works is actually pretty simple: PowerShift helps to shift your electricity usage from periods of high demand, when electricity is most expensive, to periods of lower, less expensive demand. A PowerShift switch can be installed on your air conditioner, water heater, and pool pump, and it won’t cost you a dime. You won’t even have to do anything to maintain it. Did we mention how simple it is?

It’s also low-key: Most members don’t even notice it’s there. That’s because PowerShift activates, on average, no more than three times a year, and never on weekends or holidays. At most, you might notice a slight rise in your home’s temperature if you’ve installed PowerShift on your air conditioner, but even that won’t last for long.

And there are incentives: Boy howdy, are there incentives. Depending on your co-op’s individual program, you may be able to qualify for credits on your energy bill, or other incentives that are meant as a thank you for your participation.

Because the truth is, when you sign up for PowerShift, you’re kind of a hero. A hero to your co-op, your neighbors, and your friends, all of whom benefit when you help reduce the cost of electricity. PowerShift puts you in control, but everybody wins.

To learn more about PowerShift, or to enroll in the program, contact your local Energy Advisor.