Savings Room by Room, Part 1: The Kitchen

Not to get all philosophical about it, but we think that saving energy isn’t just a nice idea—it’s a way of life. And the more you establish good habits now, the happier you’re going to be when you see those future energy bills.

To help you get in that mindset, we’re going to show you some ideas on how you can save electricity room by room. You’ll be surprised by all the small things you can do to make a difference in your daily life. First up? The kitchen.

Kitchen Tip #1: Choose ENERGY STAR® LED Bulbs
It’s no secret that we love ENERGY STAR. From something as small as an LED light bulb to a big appliance like your refrigerator, if it’s got the blue ENERGY STAR logo you know it’s more efficient.

Even if you don’t need new bulbs right away, now is the time to buy them. Bulbs purchased now still qualify for a rebate of up to $7.50 per bulb, but in 2017 that amount will go down.

Kitchen Tip #2: Cook Up Some Savings
There are lots of ways you can make cooking a more energy-friendly exercise. For example, when cooking on your stove, you’ll cook more efficiently by matching your pans to burners of a similar size. Using covered pots and pans will also help save on energy.

You’ll also save energy if you use your microwave in place of the oven whenever possible. And when you absolutely have to use the oven? Heat multiple dishes at one time whenever possible, and don’t preheat the oven unless the recipe specifically calls for it.

You can also turn the oven off 15 minutes before the food is done. And—you’ve probably heard this one before—resist the urge to peek in. That open oven door lets out a lot of heat, and just costs you money.

Kitchen Tip #3: Seal Up that Ceiling
Kitchens can be especially vulnerable to air leaks. Whether your kitchen is the site of can lighting, ceiling or ventilation fans, or other ceiling cutouts, the gaps around those cutouts in the attic can let air leak from your home.

With your oven already throwing off the kitchen’s temperature, the last thing you want is your HVAC to work even harder to compensate for air leaks. And if this is your first time hearing about air sealing, well, you’re in luck—we’ve got some great tips.

Kitchen Tip #4: Use Appliances Wisely
To save energy in your kitchen, make sure you’re getting the most out of your appliances by using them wisely (and correctly!). That means filling the dishwasher completely before you run a wash cycle, using a microwave or toaster oven to heat small meals, and knowing what you want out of the refrigerator before you open the door.

It’s also worth noting that ENERGY STAR certifies appliances as well as light bulbs. The next time you need to purchase a kitchen appliance, keep an eye out for the blue ENERGY STAR label.

For other energy saving tips, or to get more information about our rebate programs—for your kitchen or otherwise—contact your Energy Advisor today.