Find (and seal) the hidden treasures in your home to save money

There might’ve been a time when you came across an antique or old item in your attic or basement that you could sell for money. Yet did you know that there could very easily be some additional treasures in the form of air leaks – and finding (and sealing) them could lead to energy savings!

Check out some of the common areas that are worth exploring. You also can contact your local electric cooperative to get more information about a home energy assessment, which likely will include a blower door test. The assessment will show you ways you can address your house to avoid energy waste, saving you money. See the graphic below for details.


Common Air Leak Sources

Chimney: Air leaks can exist in the attic around the chimney. Be sure to safely air seal the gaps to avoid air from escaping.

Plumbing Stack: Gaps around the plumbing stacks and framing can let air escape, causing your HVAC system to work harder than it should.

Ductwork: Disconnected ductwork can lead to significant amounts of air escaping. Check to make sure ducts are properly sealed and fastened, including at vents and registers.

Bulkhead: An improperly sealed bulkhead can lead to significant heat waste.

Water Lines / Gas Lines /Dryer Vent: Any connection going through the foundation wall in either a crawlspace or basement needs to be properly sealed to prevent air infiltrating.