Resolve to reduce your energy waste in the New Year

As you start the New Year off with the fresh hope of new goals, don’t overlook resolutions that can not only make you feel better – but also make your wallet feel heavier! Fortunately, several resources can help you reach this goal:

ENERGY STAR® shines the light on energy savings! The Energy Star program offers energy efficiency tips and appliance ratings for businesses and people to save money and protect the climate. The website offers advice on maintenance, do-it-yourself projects, and other efforts that can help your home or business save money. The program also offers a rating system for lights bulbs and appliances that meet low-energy use requirements. Energy Star has a lot to offer – it’s definitely worth surfing the program’s website to learn more!

Don’t forget Power Moves® incentives and rebates on energy-saving upgrades. If you have an idea for an improvement project or upgrade, your local electric cooperative may offer a Power Moves rebate to help make it possible! The Power Moves website offers details about the incentives available through your local electric co-op, as well as advice and tips that can help you reduce your energy use at home or at your business.

Your local electric co-op’s Energy Advisor is your best resource! Your Energy Advisor is dedicated to helping co-op members like you save money by reducing your energy use. While this might seem counterproductive, your local co-op saves on costs by reducing energy demand, enabling the co-op to pass the savings to you. Your Energy Advisor can answer your questions and provide details on a home energy audit, which will include suggested actions you can take to improve your home’s energy use. Your electric co-op might even offer the audits for free!

You can resolve this year to lower your energy bill – and keep it there! Your local electric co-op can provide support to help you reach your goals – and may even provide financial rebates for doing so. Visit for more information, or contact your local electric co-op for details.