Power Moves rebates for 2019 now available

While energy efficiency upgrades to your home can help save you money in energy costs, a Power Moves rebate could help you save even more! We offer rebates for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades.

Among the changes in 2019 are:

  • New dual fuel heat pump program: You can now receive an incentive for upgrades to a dual fuel heating and cooling system. You can receive a rebate for upgrading your electric resistance system, or your fossil fuel furnace with central air conditioning.
  • Updated efficiency requirements to the geothermal program: If you are looking to have a geothermal system installed, please note that our system efficiency requirements have increased this year.

You can review the residential specification requirements and rebate amounts. If you have any questions, or if you are planning an energy efficiency upgrade in your home, contact your local electricity cooperative. Your local co-op’s Energy Advisor can answer your questions and provide support to make sure that you maximize your energy savings!

Personal Protection

Personal Protection

Hendricks County business owners and volunteers learned from family and friends about the protective supply shortage faced by health care workers and then worked to address it. The results benefited many more people.
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