Beat Daylight Saving Time with These Energy Efficiency Projects

It happens every year: Just as the sun starts to shine a little longer, we lose an hour to daylight saving time. Maybe it’s a little cliché to complain about the time change, but it hardly seems fair to ask us to give up an hour’s worth of sleep after we just spent months battling the snow and the ice and the cold.

And what about those of us who put off our energy efficiency projects until spring? We’d been counting on having a full day to work, and now you’re telling us we’ve got just 23 hours to get the job done? Why, is such a thing even possible?

It sure is. Here are a few energy efficiency projects so simple you can tackle them in a single day—even when that day is an hour short.


Schedule a Home Energy Assessment

It’s not bragging to say that Energy Advisors are great at what they do. They’re specially trained to evaluate your home to check for inefficiencies, from the air sealing in your ceiling to the water heater in your basement. And all you have to do to get started is to contact us—making this one a cinch to fit into even the shortest day.

After your assessment is complete, you’ll be given a report that highlights exactly where you’re losing money. You may even discover you qualify for rebates and incentives to help make your home more energy efficient. Not a bad way to “spring” into the season, eh?


Check Your Attic Insulation

Even if you’ve only got 23 hours to work, you can easily cross this one off your to-do list. That’s great news, because attic insulation plays a big role in regulating your home’s temperature no matter what season it is.

As we head into the summer months, having enough insulation means your home will stay nice and cool even as the sun beats down on your roof. And when winter rolls around again? That same insulation will keep the warm air indoors, instead of allowing it to leak up into your attic.

To get you started, here’s what you need to know.