Spring to Your Co-op’s Annual Meeting

The melting snow means that spring is arriving – and so is your local electric cooperative’s annual meeting! Co-ops start hosting their annual meetings in the spring, which is a great time for you to get it on your calendar and plan to attend! As a member of your local electric cooperative, you are also part owner. You have a direct say in how things are run – which means the annual meeting directly impacts you.

Your co-op’s annual meeting doesn’t feel like a boardroom gathering. It’s almost the opposite; many annual meetings feel more like a family carnival with food, games, activities, and entertainment with a brief meeting involved. Six activities you can participate in during your co-op’s annual meeting include:

EAT: Co-ops’ annual meetings frequently have some of the best food around. The meeting will typically include breakfast, lunch, or dinner as part of the festivities. Those who attend will leave full!

MEET: The annual meeting is a community event, which means everyone is welcome! You can catch up with family, friends, and neighbors you don’t regularly see. Your local co-op’s employees also will attend the meeting. You can meet your co-op’s CEO and board of directors, which makes decisions on your behalf.

LEARN: No matter your age, you should learn something new every day – and your co-op’s annual meeting will definitely help! You can learn about how electricity is generated and how your local co-op delivers it to your home. You also can learn more about programs and incentives – including Power Moves® energy efficiency rebates – that your co-op offers to help save you money.

BE ENTERTAINED: Annual meetings frequently include live entertainment, games, activities (such as a petting zoo), and more! It’s a family-friendly event with something to appeal to everyone.

WIN! Register when you arrive, stay for the meeting, and you may be eligible to win door prizes or even a bill credit. Each co-op does things differently, and they can get creative with prizes. You don’t want to miss it!

VOTE: The annual meeting is your chance to have a direct impact on how your local electric co-op is governed. You will be able to vote for your board of directors, which creates policy that directly impacts you and the entire co-op’s membership. Democratic participation is part of the foundational bedrock of all cooperatives, and voting is one of the cooperative principles!

As you make spring and summer plans, keep an eye out for your local cooperative’s annual meeting. You will meet new acquaintances, catch up with old friends, have a great time, and maybe even win prizes for letting your voice be heard. Contact your local co-op for details on how you can spring to the next annual meeting.

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