Home Energy Hack: Weather the Cold by Weatherstripping Your Windows

If you’re tired of your warm air — and your money — going out the window, we’ve got the solution for you. Weatherstripping is a simple and effective way to keep your house from being drafty, and will save you plenty of energy and money in the long run.

What Is Weatherstripping?

If your home is feeling a little cooler than it should be, it’s likely because your windows are leaking heat from your home — and letting the cold air in. Many people might think the problem is with the windows themselves, but before you go reaching for your wallet to buy replacements, consider this: The issue might actually be with the way the windows were installed. 

Sometimes, gaps between the windows are to blame for the drafty air and a less expensive solution that saves you big bucks in the long run is to place weatherstrips along the edges of your windows to seal them properly. Weatherstrips don’t cost much, and the energy and cash you’ll save by keeping your HVAC from working overtime makes them more than worth it. 

Installation is quite simple: Clean the window thoroughly to make sure there’s no debris in the sash of the window, peel back the protective backing of the strip, and put it into place. It couldn’t be easier to save money and energy.

What to Do When the Weatherstrips Don’t Work

If you’re at your wit’s end and air is still escaping your home, it might be time to upgrade those windows, after all. ENERGY STAR can help you improve the performance of your windows by giving your home an upgrade, and that includes specialized windows designed for your house. With the right windows to fit any climate, you’ll be saving lots of money and energy in no time. 

That’s our hack for using weatherstrips to cut down on HVAC use at home — and give you a window to a better, energy-efficient future. Lower your energy bill with properly sealed windows, and you can save money all year long. For even more ideas on how to save money at home, follow Power Moves on your social media platform of choice and see if your co-op offers a home energy assessment to schedule a conversation with them today.