Build a Power Moves Home to save big on energy and equipment

Warmer months mean more home construction, and maybe you’re taking the leap on that new home you’ve dreamed of. That comes with a lot of decision-making. Even for energy-efficiency enthusiasts, a heap of those decisions probably come before your Home Energy Rating System® (HERS) number — like how big a closet should be and which direction that living room picture window will face. We get it.

But you also have a lot of great reasons to keep that HERS number in the back of your mind, and we’ve done our best to make that easier for you with our free Power Moves Home Program.

A little forethought brings a lot of benefits

First, did we mention Power Moves Home is a free program? That’s benefit number one. As soon as you start thinking about building, just contact us, and we’ll assign a HERS rater who will work with your builder to ensure your home meets our program requirements. And what will meeting those requirements mean for you? A lot.

A Power Moves Home is typically 20% more energy efficient than a traditional home. In other words, for every dollar your neighbors spend on energy, you’re spending just 80 cents. That adds up so fast you can start pondering a summer vacation — or maybe a patio addition, because why leave your cool and beautifully efficient new home?

We also help you achieve your most energy-efficient home through rebates on important equipment like water heaters and heat pumps.

And you get these benefits whether you’re building a soaring Tudor or a mid-mod ranch (or anything else). Any home can be a Power Moves Home.

More good reasons to build a Power Moves Home

We have high standards for energy efficiency because we’re looking at the big picture, in terms of making energy more reliable and affordable for all of our members — and for ensuring a greener future for our communities. Those standards first provide benefits on a home-by-home basis, which means you get all this from a Power Moves Home:

  • You know your new home’s heating and cooling costs up front.
  • Your building process goes more smoothly because experienced energy professionals find energy-efficiency improvements early so you don’t need costly change orders.
  • You can breathe easier knowing your Power Moves Home includes a mechanical ventilation system customized to your home’s size and occupants.
  • Your cost savings don’t just kick in when you move into your home. Our rebates help make expensive, high-performance technologies and techniques more affordable.
  • Rely on your Energy Advisor to guide the process or get involved at every step — it’s up to you.

Sound good? We agree. Find out more about how our Power Moves Home program helps you get the most comfortable and energy-efficient home you can build.

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